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  • DIY Credit Repair
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Adams Tax

The DIY Credit Boost Transformational Kit

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Struggling with poor credit and low credit scores?

-Worried of not getting your loan approved?

-Not able to get approved for an apartment?

-Need to Raise your Credit?

16% of Americans have poor credit, LET'S TAKE YOU OUT OF THIS CATEGORY!


In today's age, credit is a precious commodity. You need it for everything... 

- to get a phone

-to get a job

-to get an apartment

-to get a home

-to get a car loan

-to get car insurance

-to finance furniture

-to finance jewelry

The DIY Credit Boost Transformational Kit is Downloadable and includes:

-Dispute Templates (used by our clients with great success)

*  Collections (Round 1 and Round 2)

*  Charge-Offs

*  Inquires

*  Medical Disputes

*  Late Payment Removal

-Personal Identifier Dispute Letter

*  This letter will ask credit bureaus to remove all misspelled or wrong names, addresses, phone numbers, and employers from your credit file. Once this takes place, negative accounts with that info may be deleted.

-Disputing Tips and Tricks  

Never before shared disputing tips and tricks to ensure results

-Pay for Delete Company Listing

A listing of collection companies that offer Pay-for-Delete services for collections and charge-offs

-Adams Tax Official Credit Score Blueprint Guide

*  Teaches you to become a credit repair specialist. You will become familiar with the step-by-step process and can always use this skill to fix your credit reports now and in the future for less than a few dollars for USPS certified mail and envelopes

* You'll learn about E-Oscar and how it affects your credit report and solutions to ensure results

 The  DIY Credit Boost Transformational Kit will come as an INSTANT download. Start the process of transforming your credit TODAY!